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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Human Capital Learnings in San Diego

We had a fantastic Human Capital workshop this Saturday. There were some great takeaways from the workshop on Saturday. I am sure we each have our own, specific to our individual situations. Some of the comments and concepts that resonated most with me I thought I would share here: 
• "Be true to yourself" - Polly Murphy
• "Don't be risk averse, be open to opportunities" – Polly Murphy
• "Don't worry if you are a little odd" – Greg Horowitt
• "Do unto others as they would have you do unto them" – Greg Horowitt
• "Entrepreneurs have the genetic predisposition to moderate the Amygdala Hijack response (when fear response takes over brain). They also never here 'No' as defeat" – Greg Horowitt
• "Show up – Amazing things can happen when you show up with a humble attitude and willingness to ask questions" – Dave Karlman
• "I really wish I would have opened the underwear drawer" – Michelle Youngers (emphasizing importance of due diligence in employee/employer selection)
• "Make sure everyone understands and is aligned; conflicts often come from assumption" – Chip Breitenkamp (in reference to mitigating team conflict)
• "Do not skip the reference check. Always Google your candidates" – Robin Toft

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