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Thursday, September 23, 2010

SLP San Diego Focuses on the Entrepreneurial Journey

Why Are We Here? SLP San Diego's 20 fellows, 3 mentors, and 1 program leader spent last evening focused on this question. Following dinner and networking, we kicked off the evening learning about the mission and history of SLP. Our mentors - Mike Krupp, Terry Moore, Tim Rueth - followed with a panel discussion about their incredible entrepreneurial journeys, how they reached where they are today, lessons learned, and their motivations for working with young entrepreneurs. And, then to the discussion of each of our personal journeys...a 3 (well, actually 4) minute picture presentation about us - where we are from, what motivates us, and ultimately, why we chose to be a part of SLP. Informal networking continued after class and over drinks until the last of the bunch left after 11 pm. A fantastic beginning for the inaugural San Diego chapter!

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