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Thursday, September 9, 2010

SLP San Diego Kicks Off

And so it begins! The inaugural San Diego chapter of the Startup Leadership Program kicked last night with a Sunset Happy Hour downtown! 20 fantastic fellows from life sciences, high tech, and clean tech were selected for this class and are company founders, leaders at tech-based startups, work as venture capitalists, or in innovation-related areas at companies and research institutions. We even have an innovator from Orange County who joined the San Diego I guess we are actually the SLP chapter of Southern California. Congrats to the 20 fellows!


Nidhi said...

Is it too late to join san diego SLP program now?

Trevor Owens said...

Is Brant Cooper a mentor for the SD chapter? He's a local there and is so smart!

Rebecca said...

Applications are closed for this year but will start again in late spring. Email rebecca at startupleadership . com to be on the email list. Brant Cooper will be speaking to the group on November 17 during our Product Development class! We are very excited to have the opportunity to learn from his insights.