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Thursday, December 10, 2009

David Mclure: An interesting look @ Internet Startup Metrics (AARRR)

An interesting presentation with a lot of useful advice. I disagree on one bit of advice about not worrying about revenues, and focussing instead on traffic. The "noise" with regard to internet startups is increasing, and those who will succeed in getting funded and building sustainable businesses are those entrepreneurs who are thinking hard already about monetization.


Dave said...

hi anu -

note that i wasn't trying to disparage generating revenue -- far from it, that's very important.

however, from a venture investor perspective it's probably more important initially to determine whether you can get any amount of usage at scale before prioritizing revenue.

that said, distribution, engagement, and revenue are all important for startups to figure out.

regards & thanks for linking to my slides :)

Anupendra Sharma said...

Dave - Thanks for the clarification. I agree that one needs to get some sort of scale before focussing on revenues. But I feel that in early angel discussions, some angels want to see - what thesis are you going to test with my money. So even if the math is wrong, its important to at least understand the monetization math one is using. Would love your comments