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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update on Outrageous Business Oppurtunity Challenge - TLP-Silicon Valley

The SLP-Silicon Valley group got together on October 5th for the Outrageous Business Opportunity Challenge- this first assignment was challenging in many ways- the team members were just about getting to know each other, limited time to prepare and a very unusual challenge- each team had to come up with a viable business idea in the dental domain. The dental domain was chosen because nobody in the Silicon Valley group had prior expertise in it and this would ensure a level playing field and force people to come out of their comfort zones. Teams had to explain to the judges how their product/service offering would differentiate itself from the competition, estimate the costs and timeline involved, identify the target customers and make market forecasts.
There were three groups that presented:
Group1 (Shashi, Kaartiga, Justin and Siddharth)
Product: Implants for obstructive sleep apnea a.k.a snoring.
Group2: (Abhinav, Jagan and Justin)
Product: A mobile dental service that targets dentists wanting to extend their customer reach.
Group 3: Naveen, James, Howard and Nishi)
Product: An integrated system consisting of an electronic mouthguard, nanoparticles and online databases to address the needs of people afflicted with some dental condition and also for cosmetic orthodontic treatments.
The judges and participants grilled each team on the viability of their product/service after each presentation. On the whole it was a good team building exercise, everybody learnt something and it was fun.
Group 1 were declared winners but it was one of those events when everybody was a winner.
Everybody here is looking forward to the next social event where Jagan has promised that we will be riding bulls...don't know what that means...!

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