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Thursday, October 8, 2009

SLP Silicon Valley kicks-off!

I want to start my first blog by thanking Anupendra Sharma, Abhinav Khushraj, Satish Gupta, Angela Chen, Parul Singh and others who put in a lot of effort to bring this program to the Silicon Valley.

SLP-Silicon Valley kicked-off on September 28 with a social mixer at Casal in Mountain View. The social mixer was a good oppurtunity for the Class of 2010 to get introduced to each other and also meet a couple of Fellows from the Boston Program- Pat Noonan and Anna Chodos. Pat and Anna enlightened the group on the benefits of the program and how to go about getting the best out of it- we are glad that they were able to make it for the kick-off. Abhinav took over and explained the structure of the program, his expectations from each of us and the First Challenge!

We were divided into groups and given a scenario-After being laid-off from a dental company, we were supposed to come up with an idea for a dentistry-related start-up. We were to give a 7 minute presentation on how we would go about doing this-we had to explain the product, targeted customers, feasibility, budget, timeline, etc. We only had a week to this and we hardly knew our fellow groupies....this was going to be a rough initiation! I will cover the First Session where we made our presentations for this Challenge in my next blog.

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