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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chase Garbarino (2010 Fellow) wins DemoGod in San Diego

Boston-based startup Pinyadda was selected as one of seven DEMOgod Award winners at the DEMOfall09 technology conference. Seventy total companies from a pool of over 1,000 applicants were invited to present at the gathering, dubbed "The Launchpad for Emerging Technology."

Pinyadda ( is a personalized and social content aggregation system that allows users to customize and aggregate content from multiple sites and blogs and then uses a system of social referral to help highlight and share relevant articles.

DEMOgod Award winners are selected based on their “outstanding potential to succeed in the market while motivating and exciting the DEMO audience...DEMOgods have a unique ability to deliver a great product and position it in the market, to show off it's most compelling features, and differentiate it from other products.”

Pinyadda is currently in private beta. The company has been financed to date by a private angel investor and is seeking another capital infusion to help propel its development of revenue products. The company sees a number of potential monetization opportunities, ranging from advertising to premium accounts to micropayments. Says Garbarino, "We're excited to have the product in the market and we are getting great feedback from our users. People are suggesting new use-cases for Pinyadda every day. We have had content publishers, advertisers, academics, businesses - pretty much anyone who has to manage large amounts of information - show interst in putting Pinyadda's technology to work. At our core we're about helping people organize and filter the information that's important to them."

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