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Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov 12 Class Agenda

6:00-6:15pm Dinner and Networking
6:15-6:25pm Open Meeting - Feedback on TLP program
6:25-6:30pm Parul to update on December Workshop
6:30-6:40pm Pitch 1 (Sriram)
6:40-6:50pm Pitch 2 (Dave Greenwald)
6:50-7:00pm Break/Welcome Speaker
7:00-8:00pm Speaker: Pravin Chaturvedi
8:00-8:10pm Networking with Speaker/Break
8:10-8:20pm Pitch 3 (Craig Lund)
8:20-8:30pm Pitch 4 (Craig Provost)
8:30-8:40pm Ken/Dave to speak on Google TLP portal
8:40-8:45pm Open items: Mentor selection, Reading list etc
8:45-9:00pm Wrap Up/Final items
9:00pm onwards City-Bar (65 Exeter St)

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