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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Social Trip: Apple Picking on Sat, Sept 27, 2008

Cohort A is proud to announce the first field trip of the year:

....the air is getting crisp, the Red Sox are in a pennant race, and school has started....

That means it's time for The Quintessential New England Fall Exercise....No, not getting your series A request laughed at by local VC's (that is more of a springtime event)....Apple Picking!

Who: You and your families / significant others
When: Saturday 9/27 - 12 noon.
Where: Honey Pot Hill Orchards - 144 Sudbury Rd Stow, MA. 30 miles away but definitely worth it.
Honeypot Hill
Why: Why Not?

-Meet at the entrance: Look for the guy wearing famer jack overalls (me).
-Dress appropriately for walking in fields
-To satisfy Anupendra's request for beverage consumption, there will be lots of cider available.
-No parent permission slips necessary for this fieldtrip.
-If solving equations is closer to your speed than an afternoon of sunshine, come along and work on this GMAT problem: at what price/bushel does it make sense for the orchard to harvest the crop themselves and not allow yahoos like us on their turf? There, now we are being inclusive of all diverse interests :)
-Call Adam at 617-543-0703 if you are running late.

-Carpools: RSVP to me with the following by the end of this week: 1) can you drive/do you need a ride; 2) how many people (are you bringing/can ride with you); 3) convenient meeting location. I'll organize carpools and distribute the information.

Adam Smith

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