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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cohorts and Assignments

Here's the final cohort list, to-do list and the assignments for the different offices:

Next class on Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Action to be taken
  1. Presentation of business plans (7 minutes each + 3 minutes for questions): Adam, Parker, Ajay, Michael. Recommend appealing slides; not dense text. Send to Anupendra and your group’s PM if you want feedback prior to pitch
  2. Tarangini to send the group bios of current Charter Members for them to choose two CMs as mentors.
  3. Anupendra to give blogging presentation in October
  4. Anupendra to be in-charge of next class where CEO will be chosen.
  5. Send Rama Nandiwada an email with specific interest in curriculum (top priority two wishes) by next class.
  6. Cohorts should meet with PMs and start work on their assignments (Field Trips & Workshops)
  7. Tarangini: Please send descriptions of all SIGs; we will ask everyone to identify with one SIG, then reach out to them and help the SIG organize events etc. (Note Angela Chen is already organizing the Lifesciences VC Outlook Event 2009)
  8. Michael Sheeley to categorize companies that are being founded by The Startup Leadership Program students into ‘moon-lighters’ (already up and running) and ‘pencil biters’ (still thinking about it.)

Social Chairs
Amar Kendale & Ken Baughman
Marketing/ Communication Co-chairs
Tarangini Suresh & Parul Singh
Speaker List
Bala V.
Google Groups Co-chairs
Ken Baughman & Dave Greenwald
All (have been invited)
Field Trips
Cohort A: Adam  / Ryan (PM)
Hard Skills Workshop (Dec)
Cohort B: Parul  / Hooman (PM)
VC Competition (Mar-Apr?)
Cohort D: Praveen / Shobhit(PM)
Soft Skills Workshop (Mar)
Cohort C: Tarangini /Rama(PM)
Business Plan Competition (May?)
Socially Responsible Activity Co-Chairs
Anupendra Sharma (with PMs)

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