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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jan Meeting: Energy & Personal Branding

Today was a very interesting lecture by Dave Berry of Flagship Ventures. Dave was named Innovator of the Year by Technology Review in selecting its Under 35 innovators. Although Dave is an MD, PhD and more likely to be found tinkering with molecules and devices, he's starting to spend a lot of his time looking at molecules that can create biofuels and synthetic petroleum. Dave presented a compelling picture of the future of the energy business.

Prior to that Kanchan Mirchandani explained the concept of DNA Repair which ties in with the research work that she has been doing.

Anupendra discussed the concept of Personal Branding, and gave examples using Fellow backgrounds and interests. Hooman outlined his ideas for a Health 2.0 event. Ryan Bardsley had been named CEO for today's event.

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