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Monday, October 1, 2007

October Field Trip: MGH & Innovation

Eight of us took an incredible tour of MGH thanks to Ann Prestipino, Vice President of MGH. The highlights of the tour included a visit to the gigantic 5-story MGH Proton Therapy Center with Dr. Delaney, and an visit with Dr. Peter Dunn, Professor of Surgery and Ms. Dawn, Head of Nursing Surgery to the MGH Operating Room of the Future. Dr. John Herman transported us back to pre-1864 days before ether was first tried at MGH, when having an operation was likely to be a fate worse than death. We visited the very heart of MGH, where the Ether Day painting hangs, and heard the story about the commissioning of the painting. An incredible time was spent today, best captured in this comment.

"After today's visit, MGH has come alive for me – it has a vibrant soul, and is a treasure in the human quest for excellence. The passion for the institution's heritage is contagious."

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