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Thursday, December 13, 2007

December Meeting: Two cases in Lifesciences & Social Entrepreneurship (and a new SAT prep co)

Ed Alfano, 2007 Fellow pitched his idea about Lumina Prep, a company with a new and approved method of improving SAT scores, and outlined the challenges and opportunities he sees in starting an online business in a crowded marketplace, with tested content from one of New York's top SAT tutors.

The keynote presentation was from Babs Soller, Professor of Anesthiology and Founder of Reflectance Medical. She talked about an interesting monitoring company that she has been working on for the past six years, and talked about the challenges of starting a company as a Professor, and what she has learnt along the way.

Anupendra Sharma, co-founder and Chairman of Mobile Medics, about the Global Health problem, and a story of the evolution, hurdles and creativity with which a small team is trying to solve the last-mile problem of global healthcare. He reminded the group that history will look back on this generation and fault us for not having saved 11 million children who die every year from diseases that are preventable.

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